The Haida Gwaii is a group of islands off the north coast of British Columbia. The name means "Islands of the People" in the language of the Haida. Captain George Dixon named this group of islands the Queen Charlotte Islands in 1787 after one of his ships, which in turn was named for the wife of King George III, and this was its official name until 2010 when Haida Gwaii was accepted.Spectacular mountains,

Map of the Northwest Coast tribal groups
Map of the Northwest Coast tribal groups

wide beaches, dense forests, and mild weather made the northwest coast a rich place to live for the Haida, Tlingit and the other groups from that area. There was plenty of food everywhere, from deer and bear to ducks, seals and fish, not to mention all kinds of fruits and edible plants. Thousands of pacific salmon would swim up the rivers each year, a main source of food for the peoples of the coast. Their way of life revolved around their natural surroundings; the towering cedar trees were used to make boats, totem poles, houses, fish nets, baskets and clothing, which meant that most tribes were good at carpentry, spinning and weaving. And since different foods were found in different areas during certain times of the year, tribes would often move from their winter villages to other sites throughout the seasons, then back again to their main home.If you want to know more, go to this website or click Art and mythology.